Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday presents!!! (A post from Chatham)

I got this cool slide for my birthday... I can go REALLY fast and I laugh SO hard when I hit the bottom.
Although, I can't always figure out how to get back up it.

It has a basketball goal and a place to throw a football through- Daddy seems really excited to teach me to do that. Although I am developing an allergy to grass and break out in a rash if I play in it for too long. So Mama is working on getting a different area to put my slide.

Gram and Poppy got me this cool Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn- and I LOVE IT. Now I don't have to wait to go play with Harrison's or Cara's.... I have my VERY OWN!!!

My favorite thing to do is walk across the living room then turn around at the last minute and run and dive into the chair- it is SO fun!!!
I got lots of other really cool toys for my friends and family and thank every single one of you for making my birthday SO SO special- I think I'm REALLY going to like being 1!!!

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  1. I love the chair with his name on it! Ive been thinking about getting the kids some like that.