Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Look Who's Talking

Chatham LOVES to talk (I wonder who he gets that from???)

He babbles all day long- and gets rather impatient when you don't listen and/or respond to him. But nothing he has said up to this point has really made sense... Until this morning!!!

As we were headed out the door to school Chatham looked at me and said "bye bye Mama" I was SO proud of him. We clapped and continued out the door to the car. In the car while eating his breakfast and drinking some milk he missed the cup holder on the car seat and his cup fell to the floor. Chatham pointed to the cup and said "Uh oh Mama". It was SO cute!!!! I picked his cup up and handed it to him and he gave me a VERY toothy grin!!! (don't worry we were at a stoplight!)

I can't believe today Chatham is 13 months old. Talking, Walking, Amazing me each and everyday!!!!!!

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