Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

As promised Chatham got a hair cut on Saturday morning before going to Nana's for Easter dinner. Amby got Chatham some stuffed animals for his birthday and Nana got him a mega block fill and dump truck....which is a HUGE hit!!

Here are a few more attempts of Easter/Church pictures from Sunday. We picked the sunniest spot there was to make the kids sit still.
I learned a lot about patience and parenting while trying to get five kids to sit still and smile all together....you see who won that battle.

We have been going to First United Methodist the past few weeks and are really liking it. The Cadwallader's invited us one Sunday and we just keep showing back up!! And now we've met the Wade's-that's the littlest Wade, Lauren, sitting next to Cara.
This is Chatham's first Easter Basket. (Stuffed Duck, bubbles, golf socks, a chocolate peanut butter egg with 'Chatham' on it (for Daddy of course), animal eggs filled with fruit snacks, Reese's pieces (again for Daddy) and marshmallows, and bubbles)

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