Friday, April 23, 2010

The Greatest Story Ever Told

"The Greatest Story Ever Told" is the title of our Wedding Song- because I do believe this is the Greatest Story Ever Told!!!

Kelly's Corner is hosting "How you Met your Husband" and here is my story:

We grew up in the same SMALL town- but never met. We went to opposing High Schools (Newton-Conover and St. Stephens) we both worked in popular spots in town... but some how NEVER crossed paths...
I went away to school in Greensboro, Devin went to Charleston for Culinary School...

In November 2003..... I moved back home and started working at Rock Barn Country Club.
In 2004 Devin came to do his internship at Rock Barn in order to graduate from college. He had NO intention of staying at Rock Barn after the semester.....Until he met ME!!!!

He asked me to go to the employee Christmas party with him in 2004.

We started dating fairly quickly and after only a few dates we became a couple.

After several more serious dates.....

Camping with Josh and Abby

Dinner at Youssef's 2-4-2 with Dave, Josh, and Shell.

I invited Devin to my sister's wedding at the beach....

We moved in together shortly after that.

Devin decided to take me on a cruise for my 22nd birthday

I loved it- thought it was the best gift EVER!!! Little did I know...he had THIS RING in his pocket the whole time!

We got engaged on May 13th, 2006

And said our Vows on September 15th, 2007