Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Apple Festival 2010

**WARNING: Picture overload**

We kept Cara this weekend while Chris and Suzy went to a wedding in Wilmington- it was SO fun to have TWO toddler- and even more fun to have a GIRL!!!!!

Suzy let me come over that Thursday and pick out clothes for Cara- of course I picked all dresses- except for the matching monster outfits she and Chatham sported to the Apple Festival! They were SO cute and of course (as I wanted) everyone thought they were twins.

Lisa was keeping Harrison so she brought him and Lauren with us to the festival- they aren't quite as easy to take a picture of. But we settled with a few without smiles.

Walking through town we saw some tribal dancing and saw Sir Purr

Harrison was a bit more apprehensive than Nick

We took a hayride around the play area and Chatham LOVED it! The wagon was pulled by a real tractor and he reminded us of that about every 7 seconds!
I think Nick and Cara missed each other- they stuck together on the ride.

Below are 5 of the 7 Cadwallader's. Nana and Pepaw kept Nick for the weekend and tagged along too- what a good looking bunch!

Then we headed to the petting zoo- I have a lot of pictures of the back of the kids heads, so I settled with posting a picture of the hedgehog.

Last year it was SO cold you couldn't see that Devin and I had on our Harvest Orange, so this year I took a picture. Devin only lets me dress us alike about twice a year, so I have to capture the moment.

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