Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Day In The Life

I did this once about a year ago- and was interested to see how my daily routine has changed....

6 AM- Alarm goes off (hit snooze)
6:09- Alarm goes off (hit snooze)
6:18- Alarm goes off, get up
6:20-6:35- pee, brush teeth, take shower
6:35-6:45- get dressed, wake up Devin, dry hair
6:45-7:00- wake up Chatham, get him dressed- he plays with Devin while I straighten my hair and put on make up
7:00- leave the house- take Chatham to school and head to work
7:35- get to work, turn everything on, go get water
8:00- start actual work
11:30-12:30- go home for lunch (or go visit with Mama)
12:30- back to work
5:00- leave work, go get Chatham from school
5:30- home, make dinner, play with Chatham, catch up on Devin's day
6:30-7:00- sit down as a family to eat
7- 7:30- play with Chatham while Devin does dishes
7:30-8:15- Devin bathes and reads to Chatham while I run
8:15- put C to bed, go take a shower
8:30- Cover Chatham up one last time, get this ready for the next day
8:45-9:30ish- TV time with Devin then off to sleep

So there is A LOT more sleep time than there used to be! Also I like that we've found a happy routine to include my new love for running! Maybe I can convince myself to stay up to 10:30 (like normal people my age do) then I can get some of Chatham's 2nd year scrapbook done!

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