Thursday, October 28, 2010

Newton Night Crawl

Saturday I ran another 5k

I even got Toph to run with me!

I have been training for 8 weeks now and Toph hasn't run in 11 years......I only beat him by 1 second!

(not looking my best- this was just over 2 miles in to the 3.1 mile race)

We did well- came in 98 and 99 out of 158 people- our time was 36 minutes and 25/26 seconds. (that is 1 minute and 24 seconds faster than my 5k 3 weeks ago) So I was quite happy with the results.

We had some pretty awesome cheerleaders too though! Devin and Suzy sat outside of Artist Cafe (a local restaurant that happened to be along the course) and as we approached the cheered and snapped a few pictures for us.


  1. Wow! Good for you! I tried to start Couch to 5K but I need to re-start. :) I never got past the first week. I hate to run but I want to love it! Maybe you can be my inspiration. :)

  2. Oh I'd love for you to come running with me. I run about 7:15-only for about 30 minutes so I'm back in time for bath and bed on weekdays.