Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy 19 months!!!

Wow- what a big, silly, loving, wonderful, handsome, fun, caring, perfect (to me) son you are!!!!!
You have an infectious laugh and love to play! "O-sides" is your favorite place to play- you like your tricycle, bubbles, and of course Utball.
I think you've hit a growth spurt because you ask to "eat din-din" about every 10 minutes and ALWAYS have some sort of "nack" in your hand. You still call drinks "dukes" and have formed a new love for cucumbers.
Acters (tractors) and loons (balloons) are your favorite toys. and you love to read your animal book to yourself or have Daddy or I read the find teddy on the train book to you.
We love you so much!!!

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