Monday, October 25, 2010

a busy weekend

This weekend was a bit busier than most- and I'll have more pictures coming from a lot of stuff we did. But here are some details.

We went to Newton-Conover's homecoming game Friday with the Cadwallader's. We sat with the Stewart's and Mullinax's and all the kids had fun jumping and cheering. (see pictures from previous post)

Saturday started out with "old timey pictures" for Chatham in Hickory, then we picked up Devin and headed to the pumpkin patch- Chatham was in heaven!!!

We strolled around Walmart, looking for a winter hat for Chatham. Then it was off to Gram and Poppy's for the night (Aunt Beth and Cousin Thomas were in town).

While Chatham was occupied I ran another 5k in downton Newton-

my goal was to beat my time from 3 weeks ago (37 minutes and 49 seconds). I had Chris with me for motivation and he did just that....some how he talked he in to going a bit faster than my normal pace and I finished the race in 36 minutes and 25 seconds (just 1 second ahead of Chris- because he refused to beat me- haha, what a great guy he is!!!!)

Sunday I taught the 2 and 3 year old sunday school class with Suzy and then they came over (the Cadwallader's not the Sunday School Class) for lunch and arts & crafts. We made leaf wreaths and Fall Placemats for/with the kiddos. We didn't get the pumpkins carved before the Panther game- so they'll have to wait till our Tuesday night dinner date.

But Chatham (and Devin) were proudly sporting their Panther gear as the team FINALLY pulled off a win this season!!

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