Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm a big boy now!

Chatham has become a big boy over night (well maybe over the weekend)- he wore Jeans and a polo (NO onesie) for his playdate with Caden. During which time he also held on to his Crawl 'n Cruise Playzone (that I picked up for FIVE BUCKS at a local consignment sale) and stood there giggling at Caden playing for a good 3-4 minutes!!!
Last night we took one of our several ventures to Walmart and Chatham sat in the cart, little feet dangling in the breeze (ok so it was a make shift breeze as I pushed him down the aisle- come on people- stay with me!) He laughed and coo'd up and down EVERY aisle. and this morning when I dropped the balls into his crawl 'n cruise he followed the balls all the way through the twists and turns and grabbed them (putting them right in his mouth) as they came rolling out the bottom!
I can't believe what a big boy I have on my hands! He looks so small when I drop him off at school (he's one of the youngest in his class) but then when I get him home and see EVERYTHING he's learned- I am amazed at how smart, coordinated, and quick he has become in less than a month!
I have pictures of the jeans and polo, Caden and Chatham standing at the crawl 'n cruise, and Chahtam in the shopping cart- but as always they're not on the computer yet, but I will post them in the morning!

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  1. I've loved tshirts and shorts all summer. Makes diaper changes somewhat easier!