Thursday, September 24, 2009

Look what I found!!

This breaks my heart- to look at and remember when Chatham was this small and SO fragile
I wasn't going to post this picture, or the 100's of others I took during our week in the ICU! But as I came across them on my computer this morning it made me tingle with joy to see just how far our little man had come!

Chatham will be six months old on Sunday- he is eating three solid food meals a day. Can sit up on his own. Reach and hold on to whatever he wants. Is about to sprout a tooth. And just chats up a storm with anyone willing to listen.
Who knew that this little fighter would end up to be such a lover and a snuggler!!!!
Just wanted to share a little bit of our slow start with you!!!


  1. I must have missed something. I didn't even know he was in nicu?!? What was wrong?

  2. Yeah, we were in the nicu from the 27th until Aug.1st (six LONG days)he had respitory problems and Jaundice, his bili score got up to 25 1/2 (if it gets to 26 you have to have a blood transfusion) So he was on two UV lights and a bili-blanket (that's what the cool shades are for)
    My water broke Wednesday Morning and he wasn't delivered until Friday morning- so that makes it right at 43 hours between the two events (you need to deliver a baby within 24 hours of water breakig)
    That's a long story in itself. I just never was strong enough to blog about my birth story- maybe I'll do that this weekend.

  3. Just looking back and realized this should say April 1st not August 1st- Oops!