Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's been a whirlwind....

But we survived!

Chatham had his first day of day care yesterday and we did well. He loved it, got an GREAT report card (yes, they send home a report card EVERYDAY!) I managed to not go see him at lunch, so I went today and he was SO happy to see (as I was him) I fed him lunch- banana berry yogurt and half a bottle- and then he was ALMOST a sleep so I left.

He loves playing with the other kids and even has made a new girlfriend- her name is CJ. There are two other boys in the class, but once again, he is playing with primarily girls! He's such the ladies man. They do arts and crafts, and try to go outside everyday- it was a little warm yesterday but they had just come in for playing when I got there today at 11:40.

Chatham is starting to learn to wave and tries to reach for you if he wants to be picked up so his teachers and I are looking into how to teach him some sign language- I am very excited!!

I have a ton of new pictures I need to post and promise to get to them soon- but we have a BIG weekend with it being Labor day and all- so if not Friday I'll do it Monday!!!


  1. I must hear about 5 month old arts and crafts. Haha.

  2. I will keep you posted. I know they did handprint sunshines a few weeks before he started, and they are SO cute- the teacher drew a yellow circle with a smiley face and then with yellow finger paint they put handprints all around the circle to make the rays of sun- SO CUTE!!!