Thursday, September 24, 2009

So much going on! I could blog ALL DAY!

Well as I mentioned before, Chatham is growing like a weed! It seems every time I turn around he's doing something new.
As I said in my last blog Chatham is standing while holding on to things (if we put him there; he tries to pull up, but just can't quite get it) See...
He is sitting in the grocery buggy (yes I'm from the south- it's a buggy- NOT A CART!) We'll argue this point later!
Anyway- while sitting in the BUGGY he would just giggle and laugh as we took each turn and the "wind" hit his little legs, he would kick and squeal as people passed, and I think he even tried to wave and Patricia (a lady I work with that got to meet Chatham at the store)
That lovey buggy cover was given to me by Tefany (another lady I work with) at a shower I had. I didn't know at first just want this contraption was- but let me tell you it is AMAZING! It has little hooks on the front that you can attach toys to, so when they are thrown over board they don't hit the ground. See!
AND- it doubles as a highchair cover in restaurants- we haven't actually tried that out yet, but I'm sure we will soon. Every time we've taken him out to eat we're with my parents. (Gram has issues will putting Chatham down- ha ha)
I'm afraid that's all the pictures I had time to grab this morning as I ran out the door to day care; but in other news- I cut 3 1/2 inches off my hair yesterday- it looks great (or so I've been told) and I had someone new cut it- I was a little sceptical (I've had Mama Deb cut my hair since the beginning of time- OK for 8 years, but you get the picture) but Kristin did a GREAT job and I couldn't be happier.
Chatham has started eating yogurt in the mornings in place of the banana oatmeal and he is CRAZY about it! We'll still have banana oatmeal sometimes, but I figured my little guy needed a little variety in his life.
We believe teething has started in the Donley home- even MORE drool (I didn't think that was possible), no more sleeping through the night (he wakes up and wants to chew on his paci), loose bowels (I know I promised no more poop talk), and he chews on EVERYTHING!!! Wish us luck, and hopefully I'll have some pictures on little toofers soon!!!

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