Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas Songs 24/7

So we are home from Winston-Salem; after a LONG night with Devin's coworkers. It was SO much fun, but a VERY late night. The auction was fun as always and we got a TON of stuff- if fact about 60% of my Christmas shopping got done there, and that put me in the Christmas spirit, so when we got home yesterday I decided to go knock out some more of it. I now only have to find gifts for my sister and brother-in-law and I'm COMPLETELY done. On the way home I'm flipping through the radio stations and found a station playing Christmas tunes ALL DAY LONG- REALLY?!?!?! I thought. I am SO in the Christmas spirit and REALLY excited that Christmas is getting closer but it's not HERE, not even I am ready for this yet.

On the upside, Devin got a Kitchenaid food Processor at the auction this weekend- and he is ready to make ANYTHING I come up with. So this weekend he made homemade cheesecake- and I have a whole list of what we'll be bringing to Christmas dinner this year!!!!

Unfortunately I forgot the camera at home, so there are no pictures to share of the auction, but Chatham is quickly mastering the art of holding his own sippy cup and MANY pictures of that are coming shortly!!!

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  1. Have you ever heard the Trans-Siberian Orchestra? I highly recommend them! GREAT christmas music! We go to their concert every year. :)