Monday, November 9, 2009

I've got the Joy Joy Joy Joy

I went to an EOP conference for work and one of the ladies speaking, spoke about JOY! She is a middle or high school drama teacher and really spoike my language, 'crazy'! She was SO energetic and just bounced from one topic to the next and back again in a single breath.

She told this story about her kids in class and when she noticed their eyes starting to glaze over or someones mind beginning to wonder she would stop what she's doing and MOO! and they class would pay attention agian.

Then if people were talking to each other, or doodling on their papers and not listening to her she'd stop and BAA!

I don't know why I found this so humorous, but I must say I tried it with Chatham the other day- no not to get him to listen, he's a bit young for that. But to take a picture. I needed him to look at the camera and all of my usually songs and dances just weren't working so I began to moon, and baa, and cluck- and check this out......


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  1. LOL thats great! Im always doing silly things to get my kids to look for a picture :)