Friday, November 6, 2009

The Second Half Is Missing-

Well we are going out of town this weekend, for Devin's annual work retreat! I am SO looking forward to it, as I was pregnant last year and couldn't partake in ALL the festivities!

I am going to post twice to day and twice on Monday to make up for missing this Saturday and Sunday- but will get back to regularly scheduled blogging next week!!

So here is my post! I just don't get it! on Oct.2 I took Chatham to the dr. for his six month appt. and got the first half of the flu shot we were told to wait four weeks and come back to get the secong part.
So I called this week to let them know we were coming in and the nurse informs me that they are out of flu shots....
how are they out, I'm wondering- aren't they sent a specific number of shots? You know you gave us the first half, wouldn't you hang on to one knowing we're coming back (you TOLD us to come back after all!!!)
The nurse I spoke with just told me to continue to check thier website to see when or IF they get anymore in....

We are sorry. We are temporarily out of FLU VACCINE. Please check back later for an update.

That is what I see everytime I check the website, and I don't know what to do. Will Chatham be ok with only half a dose?? Can we go to a different doctor and get the second dose? How long do I wait to see if our dr. gets more shots?
What would you do in my case? Has this happened to your kids??

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