Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm in a GIVING mood--Can you help?!?!

Pass It On Baby is a blog I read about on The Goodson Family blog . It's two wonderful women who started a blog to reach out & help other mothers in need with new or gently used clothes for their children.
I know alot of my blog readers are mommys, aunts, or grandmothers so I thought- what a better audience to ask to help then well, YOU!
How easy is it to send a box of clothes that your child will never wear again, to a sweet little baby in need.
So check out the site and see what you have to offer!
Help me Help them! I am sending two different shipments of items- a Thanksgiving shipment and a Christmas shipment- so anything you're wanting to donate you can bring to my house, my moms house, or ship it to me (I'll give you the address) and I'll send it off (round one in about two weeks)!!!

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