Monday, May 14, 2012

4 month cutie!

4 Months already!!!
Harper has gotten SO big! She is in size 2 diapers and we're beginning to pull out the 3-6 month clothes. This weekend we'll be trying oatmeal for the first time. AND going swimming at Aunt Ma'ams! Although we took a little dip Friday at Jean Marie's pool. We won't know the real stats until her appointment on Wednesday- but she is growing leaps and bounds. She is sitting up and starting to like her bumbo seat now. She loves to hold toys and "play with them" aka put them straight in her mouth!

She is such the happy baby and content just being carted around where ever we may be going. This weekend we went to the Catawba Women's Center 40th Anniversary. I have been a patient there for 13 years, my dad is an OB/GYN there, and they delivered BOTH of my beautiful babes! Lauren and Lisa came with us and I'm so glad they did!
There were bounce houses and slides, a train ride, balloons, face painting, ambulance tours, chair massages and roses (for the moms). We enjoyed hot dogs, cupcakes, and Rita's Italian Ice!!!
Chatham and Lauren got to spend some time with Poppy while he took a break from visiting with other patients that came to play. Chatham thought it was Poppy's birthday party- we're in big trouble next year when he wants all of these things at his party!!

Happy 40 years CWC!!!!

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  1. Hey! I have been meaning to respond to your post about the golf tournament. We love going and taking the kids every year...we live right down the road. If you husband is interested in taking Chatham next year, let him know that the Pro Am day (Wednesday) is a great time to take kids. It is more relaxed and you don't have to be as concerned about the kids making too much noise. Plus, you can take pictures and see lots of "famous" people and get autographs. Usually, there are some pretty big names for the amateurs who play with the pros, but this year was a little disappointing. Hope you had a great mother's day!