Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

The same weekend of Harper's Baptism we celebrated my 29th birthday. We had a pool party at Aunt Mams- everyone was in town for the church service, so it was great to have an extra celebration.
Chatham and Harper always love seeing Ali and Curly!
Beth and the boys hung out with Chatham in the driveway playing with spray bottles before heading out back to take a dip.
HEY- I thought this was a party!?!?! Where are the cupcakes!!!!!

Harper and Jack had some cousin bonding time ont he back porch while the big boys went swimming.  And looky there......
** And for the record, I got the BEST present from Ali and Curly this year..... a tiara!! Just a little reminder that you can never grow out of princess status!!!! Here's to another year, my last one in my twenties!!!

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