Sunday, May 20, 2012

Harper's Baptism

One year ago today I was taking a pregnancy test and praying that THIS was the month that two lines would appear.
Now here we are a year later getting our little girl Baptised!! How Great our God is!!!!
 We had a wonderful day and Harper was all smiles! She slept through most of the ceremony. I love that Harper wore the same satin bib, white embroidered onesie, and white knit blanket that Chatham did three years ago. That is an amazing feat seeing that both of my sweet babies have reflux and normally spit up on every stitch of clothing I put on them.
 So many loved ones came to welcome our sweet girl into her life with Christ. Here is my side....
 Here is Devin's side...
 I love that Ali and Curtis are such wonderful Godparents to our kiddos- they have stood by us through many parenting trials through the last three years, and spoil our kids rotten!!!!

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