Thursday, May 3, 2012

SEE! Parenting can be fun!

We had hit a rough patch....wetting the bed at night, baby spitting up, wetting the pants during the day, baby not sleeping except while being held, hitting friends, baby spitting up, not listening.... I was struggling to see the fun in parenting.
But- we've turned a corner. Our beds and pants are dry! Chatham tells us all the time about hands being for loving and not hitting. He's following instructions better, and Harper is sleeping through the night (I'm talking 9:30-6:00). While we still have a LITTLE bit of 3-year old whiny-ness and baby spit up things are looking good.
Last night we had a dance party in the playroom before bed. Harper, Chatham, Mommy, and Daddy were all gettin' down to some "Hippo in the Bath Tub" and "Teddy Bear Picnic". Chatham and I went spelunking in a cave (aka too many bubbles and glow sticks in a dark bathroom) at bath time! We completed Chatham's gingerbread-self for school (complete with cowboy gun and bandanna and soccer cleats)- I will post a pic soon. Harper is SO close to rolling over, LOVES to sit up (with assistance of course) and puts everything in her mouth any chance she gets. Chatham is SO sweet, gentle,and cuddly with Harper!!! It melts my heart to see them together.
So as you can see, I have once again found the fun in parenting and am loving the few hours with my kids I have every evening- that being said if you happen to come over at any point in the near future pardon the mess- but I'm busying playing mommy- NOT playing house!

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