Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Times they are a changing

I can't believe my little Harper is growing so fast! Today she rolled over (both ways) back to front several times, and tummy to back twice!!! Also, she ate just over an ounce of rice cereal. We've been feeding her rice cereal for about a week now (three times total) but this is the first time she hasn't spit out every bit- we made an ounce and a half and I'd guess she got an ounce digested. Such a big girl!! Of course I was too busy feeding her and cheering her on to take any pictures, but they're coming soon.

In other news, speaking of BIG changes... I am now a college graduate! That's right...as of 2:00 on Monday afternoon I complete the appeals process and recieved my associates degree from CVCC. Many of you don't know the long, LONG story that goes with this accomplishment and I will save you the saga- and just be happy I have a degree!

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