Friday, May 4, 2012

Sanger Pediatric Cardiology

Yesterday, Chatham had a cardiology appointment. At his three year well check, Dr. S heard a murmur- we hadn't heard the murmur since Chatham's days in the NICU. She told me not to worry, this is common and she is overly cautious (as am I) and wanted us to get a Echo (EEG) done. No rush, just when ever the Charlotte docs were doing a Hickory rotation. So about 3 weeks ago I got a call saying May 3rd was the day.
Chatham LOVED their waiting room! It had these BIG marble mazes on the wall, a lawnmower "JUST like Ga-Ram-za" and this neat computer toy (below) that had four different games on it. Chatham manipulated that machine like he had been playing it for years. It was so neat to see his wheels turning and how much he knows. We did the picture search, color and read- where you color the picture and then it tells you a story about what you colored, and then we did the Farm game at least 27 times (no exaggeration....we waited an hour!)
When it was time for us to go back he did great until they attached the wires. Then he freaked out! He wouldn't take off his shirt so I had to sit on the table holding him and lifting his shirt while he cried and squirmed. The nurse laughed though after the first EEG reading because even with him crying and panting he still passed with flying colors! She let Chatham take that reading home to show Daddy and she did another scan.
Long story short- Chatham has what is called a Stills Murmur and will grow out of it as he gets older. No issues found and no limitations for sports and other activities. We have one healthy boy!!!! 


  1. Hi, Carrie from Hickory, NC! I am from Charlotte. You will not believe what we have in common! Our sons share a birthday! My first son was born March 27, 2007...what a lucky day, huh? So glad to hear that Chatham was a very healthy little man. It has got to be the scariest feeling in the world to think something is wrong with your little one. My oldest was always very little when he was a baby...way down on the growth charts and just took his time gaining weight. They made us go to the hospital and have tests run, and of course, we were pretty scared. Everything came back perfectly normal, and now we just know he is our little guy. He is 5 years old and still weighs only 32 lbs. although he has been shooting up like a bean stalk the last few months. Our second little man just turned a year old last week and is the exact opposite...a little heavy weight. Amazing how different they can be, huh?

  2. Cruising by on Kelly's Korner and saw you were in Hickory. I am in Lenoir not too far away with an almost 4 year old boy. I myself have heart issues and have gone to Sanger too. Small world:)