Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Bump in the Dark

So...once again the lack of blogging...but this time for good reason- NO TIME! We have been dealing with insurance and police reports and lack of sleep!

So- let's start at the beginning shall we! This....

happened Thursday night... We hadn't gotten a full night sleep in four days, because Miss Harper is teething AGAIN! So we went to be around 10:00- I was in a DEEP sleep, but was startled awake because I felt the whole house shake...I opened my eyes and Devin's hand was on my arm, I listened for the kids stirring or the dog barking....nothing. I told myself Devin must have rolled over and his hand touching my arm made the think the whole house shook. So I laid there but my gut told me not to go back to sleep. I looked at the clock 11:43....I watched the lights move across the wall and the cars went by outside and thought- they're going awfully slow, someone must have wrecked- but I didn't hear any sirens and tried to relax, I couldn't. Right as I was sitting up and constant knocking sound started on the front door- I KNEW IT! I woke up Devin and hurried downstairs to turn off the alarm and answer the door. As soon as I opened the bedroom door I could see the emergency lights outside. (The joys of black out curtains- neither baby woke up!)

Our neighbor, Tiffany, was at the door and said a drunk driver just drove through her yard and then flipped, taking out our back fence and trees. By the grace of God no one was hurt, no one was outside in the yard, but still the damage is pretty bad. We got outside and walked right through the hole in the fence to get to the wreck, a few neighbors and a witness in another car where there. 3 police, 2 firetrucks, and an ambulance. I watched as the driver was given a sobriety test (I had never witnessed such a thing). He wasn't injured, failed the test, and was handcuffed.

 Here is a picture the next morning of the corner of the fence. 

The gentlemen that smashed into our property was a 21 year old whose blood alcohol level was a .21 (nearly 3 times the legal limit!!); he told the police officer on his was to jail "I drink everyday, I like it and am not going to stop. I drink on my lunch break and with friends after work." This BOY is also a father OF THREE!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD! I am disgusted, and now have to leave this mess in my backyard until insurance and landscapers can evaluate the damage and estimate the cost. (the police estimate our damage at $8500- YIKES)

Lesson to be learned- DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!! 


  1. What the heck! Yikes! That is so scary. He could have hit the house...he could have hit a child playing in the yard if this had happened earlier in the day. Why don't people understand that their actions have consequences anymore? *Sigh* I am so sorry this happened, and I am so thankful no one was hurt. Praying for you guys to get some rest and that this mess will get cleaned up soon!

    1. Thanks Sherry, we (the neighbors and us) are petitioning for a guard rail on our curve. This is the first accident since we've lived here (2 years) but the 4th accident in 5 years. SCARY! Devin put the shed there to help keep "traffic out of the kitchen" (HA!)