Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The last few weekends

We started out our weekend with Harper's 18 month appt. She is 75-80 % across the board. 25 lbs, 33 inches.
Dr. L was AMAZED with how much she is speaking and followed directions. I asked about the waking up at night and he assured me it is normal, pointed out two new teeth and STILL gave me a website to rule out night terrors.

Saturday, we woke up to torrential dour pours and LOTS of flooding.

The sun came out and things dried up on Sunday so we played outside.
(yes, in our jammies- it's my kids FAVORITE outfits)
There was a turtle crawling through the mulch, so Devin brought it onto the patio for the kids to check out.
Chatham got a nice little shiner playing baseball with Daddy. He said "I think an icey pop as an ice pack will help, but then I can eat it".
 The rain wasn't enough water for us, so we headed Downtown to pay at the splash pad. 
 Harper loves running in and out of the water- I think a trip to Great Wolf is in our future!

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