Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another trip to the Moo-ze-um

 It is butterfly season at the Catawba Science Center- so of course we went to check it out. After a 5 minute lesson on moths, caterpillars, cocoons, chrysalis, and more- we were then informed that the butterflies themselves were sleeping and the exhibit was closed for a few hours. BUMMER!
 So we made our way to the other exhibits and hit the JACKPOT- Race cars and building blocks!
 Again, I joined in the fun with the blocks and not a single picture was taken- but they had foam blocks and pvc pipe to building life-size structures and some had grooves in them to race plastic balls- and Chatham and I  HAD to build a block tower bigger than Daddy's!!!
No trip to the Science Center is complete without the obligatory picture in front of the large fish tank. I love comparing them to see how much they've grown!!

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