Thursday, July 18, 2013

VBS pictures from Suzy

 Suzy sent me the pictures she took at VBS and they are SO good!!

 The kids loved the decorations in the sanctuary. And they even had a face cut out (my favorite).

 Harper did great the first few nights and strutted around like she owned the joint. We did EVERYWHERE FUN FAIR- and the picture below is on Japan night. We learned about the widow that served the last of her bread to Elijah. I had my preschoolers make bread and we ate on the floor with no shoes, just like Japanese culture. 

Chatham's class rotated to the different stations this year and he loved the crafts.

 My Toddlers, and Chatham's preschool group met up each night for recreation time. Chatham would dance with me for a few minutes before running off with his friends. 
 Harper played with every single toy in the nursery and apparently was quite the mother to the other kiddos; handing out toys so everyone had something to play with.
 Chatham got a busted lip and loose tooth at school before the second night of VBS- this was the only smile he'd give. We went to the dentist the next day since his upper gum turned black and blue and his tooth was still loose. Luckily no damage and after 48 hours the tooth tightened back up.
The last night of recreation was the much anticipated parachute game. All the kids love the parachute! (Chatham's in the green, and I'm in the pink chasing Harper behind him)


  1. That is a cute VBS theme. Most of the ones I saw this year were the medieval knight theme. Looks like Harper is well on her way to being a 2 year old! :-)

    1. Sherry, My heart just smiled to see a comment from you! Glad to have you back. The kids LOVED our vbs theme, we had a lot of medieval themes around town too. Harper is such a ham! It is so hard to get pictures at this age (as you know) but I am working on getting videos of her laugh and new words.