Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

 I started out our fourth of July festivities going to daycare to have lunch with these sweeties! Harper was NOT about to look at the camera, she had her "dink" and another class was lining up in the hallway.
 Harper had a week worth of red, white, and blue attire, but this dress was by far my favorite!!!

 Chatham had a lot of fun with the "blinky flashlights" Big Mama got us. After playing with them on the porch it was time for the big show. 
 On the actual fourth we hung out inside to avoid the rain, but after putting Harper to bed it cleared up enough for Chatham to play with sparklers and pop its. Just after he went to bed some neighbors shot off some BIG fireworks- so Devin ran upstairs and brought Chatham out on the porch to watch. He loved them. (in the above picture he is holding a burnt up sparkler and a bag of pop its)
 This fourth of July was the year of the boots at our house- Harper LOVES her red and white stars boots and Chatham wanted to match and only fits in his "worker boots" these days. 
Next up was the annual July celebration in Winston at Aunt Mams. The big boys (Chatham and Thomas) brought their fishing poles and caught a few fish in the pond. There was LOTS of swimming, but I was in the water so much I didn't take a single picture. Chatham can swim now and loves jumping in and swimming across the pool. He even conquered the diving board at Chris and Suzy's!! We are SO proud of you C-Weed!!!!

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