Saturday, August 28, 2010

All about August

(With more pictures than any one person should need!!!)

We celebrated Nick's 5th birthday at the Bowling Ally with a Scooby Doo party

Poppy took Chatham and I back to Nevin park for some late Summer fun at the Splash Park
He was such a big boy dashing in and out of the water all by himself.
They had a ball- and Chatham even rocked on the duck (which he would have NO part of last month!)

Poppy has become Chatham's BEST bud!
Celebrating another birthday with the Cadwallader's- we had a party for Chris and had John Deer Cake!!!!
Chris has thirty candles more than Lauren this year; and Lauren was GREEN with envy!

Chris was a good sport with the mandatory attire
Wrapping up this busy month we went to a Crawdad's game with Ashlee, Sarah, Kathleen, the Cadwallader's and all the kids (7 their- and 1 on the way....that would be Sarah, NOT ME!) The Crawdads is Hickory's Baseball team- it's minor league- or minor minor league----double A or something like that.
Harris was given a foul ball that a nice gentlemen near us caught.
And some of the bigger kids went down to greet Conrad the Crawdad.

Devin is VERY pleased with how 'in' to baseball Chatham is. Maybe he'll follow in Daddy's footsteps.

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