Sunday, August 22, 2010


Today I think the Blog Challenge: 20 of my favorite things....will actually be harder than the workout Challenge. In the words of Chatham "I DEED IT!" I worked out over the weekend!!! I have now made it further in the 30 Day Shred than all other attempts (COMBINED)

I have gotten a lot of support from friends who DO read my BLOG!!!! (thanks Lisa) Knowing that someone is actually keeping up with this helps me REALLY want to succeed!

SO- here are my 20 things....notice that while exercising DID NOT make the list Coke DID!!!


5.Suntanned skin
6. A good hair day
7. Shopping for back to school
8. Sushi
9. Sappy Movies
10. flannel PJ pants
11. a sweatshirt right out of the dryer
12. Family Vacations
13. Pictures
14. Cuddling

15. a cold-fizzy coke!!! (I MISS IT!)
16.picnicking in the park
17. Christmas
18. smell of fresh cut grass
19. new shoes
20.Flip Flops

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