Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Morning Picture

Over the Summer, here at the Central Office, we like to work extended days (10 hrs) so we have Fridays off!!! WOO HOO!!

This means LOTS of people are working 7-6 instead of the usual 8-5. WELL....this isn't possible for me because I HAVE to pick up Chatham at 5 from daycare....SO this means I have been coming into work at a mind-numbing SIX A.M.!!! Devin volunteered to take Chatham to daycare for me in the mornings, so I can make it to work so early.

Every morning for the last five weeks Devin dresses Chatham and drops him off at school at 7:30- so around 7:20 each morning I get a text message. It has a picture of Chatham in the carseat headed down the road- It brightens my morning EVERYDAY!!!

Here is todays picture:

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