Tuesday, March 19, 2013

a lucky weekend

We started out our weekend celebrating birthdays- Aunt Mam and Uncle Grump came over to moms and we had cupcakes and played outside. When Chatham got tired of pulling Harper around the house he hoped in and Devin took them for a long ride around the block. I was LOVING the Spring-ish weather. We spent ALL day outside! Devin and I had run a 5k that morning (Get your Rear in Gear- Colon Cancer Awareness) and it made me realize I need to get back on a good running schedule!

Sunday is was a bit colder with the wind coming in. So after Church and soccer practice we had the Wade's over to celebrate St. Patty's day. Paul's mom and dad (Grandma and Grandpa Wade) are in town and Chatham LOVES hanging out with them!
 So we put on our something green and got crafty! The picture below isn't great but we made krispie treats with green marshmallows and lucky charms.
 We painted our faces (I will have to wait to steal a picture of the kiddos together off Lisa's blog); but Lauren was a VERY pretty butterfly! Chatham is VERY in to masks right now.
 In fact, at school they had a leprechaun parade and this is the mask Chatham colored. (He is going through a phase- I hope- where he will ONLY color with black) Ms. Misty colored the green buckle for him so he had a little bit of festiveness to his mask! Also, while his class was at snack time in the cafeteria a LEPRECHAUN came in the room and messed it up- he even blew his nose and left the GREEN SNOT tissue on a table. (it was green pudding)

And now that we have celebrated all the green we can stand....it's time to move on to Spring and Easter! Lisa brought over these cute foam crafts; although the picture is upside down you get the idea. The one on the right (with the Goonie looking eyes) and the chick are Chatham's creations and the bunny on the left is Harper's- and she only had help with the face (I think she'll end up being my craft buddy!!!!!)

I love warm weekends, I love crafts, and I love hanging out with friends! I give this weekend an A+!

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  1. Wasn't the weather gorgeous? I loved it too! Yes, I am so ready to move on to Easter now...my favorite holiday! I love the little foam crafts. I may need to find some of those. Of course, now we are stuck with rainy and cool weather this week. *Sigh* Here's to lots more fun Spring weekends ahead!