Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just something I want to remember....

I was signing Chatham in at school today and noticed the planets displayed on a bulletin board. The kids had all finger painted a circle and then named them. For example, some of the captions were "Mrs. Becky's Planet Bob", "Adrian's Planet Princess", "Evan's Planet Dale". Well.... Chatham's said "Planet Pluto"!!! REALLY! HE'S a GENIUS, I KNEW IT!

HA, I kid- his planet Pluto is named after the dog on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

But still it was SO neat to see his planet with a REAL name! I guess a now nonexistent planet name- but to all us 80's kids Pluto will ALWAYS be a planet!

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  1. Pluto is definitely still a planet. I refuse to listen to all this modern hype...young people today just think they know everything! Ha! I mean, you can't just downgrade a planet because you feel like it. I think this is another sign of the entitled generation that followed ours. ;-)