Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Meeting Miss Adi Grace

 After Chatham's soccer game Saturday we headed down to Charlotte to have a party with my college buddies. Overcash (Jon) has been featured on my blog a few times- we always make a point to see each other when he's in the States (he has lived in New Zealand for the last 7 years and is now living in Australia).
 We've been averaging about every two years seeing each other (as his parents live in Charlotte and that's how often he comes to town). He came to my wedding in 07 and came to Newton to visit while I was pregnant with Chatham in 09. I went to Charlotte in 2011 when he turned 30 and then this weekend we traveled to meet this BEAUTIFUL little lady!
 This is Miss Adi Grace! Overcash and Brie's beautiful daughter (who is just one month older than Harper) they were instant friends, and had a ball playing with each other. I loved seeing Harper with a friend her age- most of the kids we hang out with are Chatham's age and older.
 Overcash is a guy that fits in anywhere- I have LOVED being friends with him for nearly 10 years now!! He has adjusted to being a Daddy SO well- and Harper could tell his was a kid at heart because she took right to him!!
 Katie and her fiance Chris came down from Maryland to hang out with us and meet Adi too. Katie and I were room mates in college and I miss seeing her everyday. But We will be traveling to Maryland this Summer for her wedding and I am SO excited for her!!!!

 I loved getting to spend the day with friends and have my kids make new friends. Chatham was so sweet and gentle with the girls! He is an amazing big brother!!!!
 Mr. and Mrs. Overcash were SO kind to open up there home for all of us to hang out- they made DELICIOUS food and had SO many toys for the kids to keep themselves entertained with. Chatham even managed to put his LeapPad away for a few hours and play. (he is SO attached to his LeapPad or my Ipad- I hope we have a Tech Guru on our hands!!)
 The girls were so cute saying their good byes, I hope to one day be able to take my kids to Australia to see them more!

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