Wednesday, March 20, 2013

While Daddy's away.....

we will play!!!!!

Devin has been in Asheville on business this week and we have enjoyed letting the mess pile up around us and just playing each night. Last night we went to El Paso for dinner with Gram and Poppy and then came home and had a jama party (Chatham's FAVORITE thing to do!!) Harper did laps around the playroom with her ball popper and Chatham rolled around on the floor helping Batman fight off the evil villains  I think the Joker and Mr. Ducky were the bad guys out causing a ruckus!

These are the nights I treasure and know I will miss in 5-10 years! But tonight....tonight Daddy will come home (late) so after the kids go to sleep I will scramble to get the house looking presentable so he thinks I'm supermom! (HA!)

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