Monday, March 11, 2013

Build and Grow #2

  Two weeks ago, I blogged about us (me and Lisa) taking Chatham and Lauren to Lowe's for their build and grow clinic (we build Grave Digger). Well this past week Lisa has been out with the Flu (feel better Sesa!) So I took Lauren and Chatham for another monster truck clinic. This time they got to build Monster Mutt (he was the kiddos favorite when the Dads took them to Monster Jam).

 They were both much more independent this week and didn't need much help from me at all. The highlight of the entire truck was the tongue (HA!) it was just a sticker with a red tongue on it, but they giggled for nearly 3 minutes about it.

 We followed the directions MUCH more carefully this week and they both look great!

And here is an oldie, that I stole of Lisa's blog. Of all four kiddos in their Valentine's shirts from Mrs.Chrystal.
** Looking at this picture, I realize Chatham has a thing for blondes!!**

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