Friday, March 22, 2013

Pre- Op with Dr. Cost

In true Carrie fashion we got to the ENT this morning TWENTY minutes early!!! Apparently I expected to get behind a lot of school buses taking Harper to school before turning around and driving BACK to Hickory to take Chatham to his pre-op appointment. But we had fun listening to a Veggie Tales story and zooming monster trucks across the dash!

 Chatham had tubes put in his ears when he was 15 months old and they fell out back in September (that's a good thing, they are supposed to come out on their own). A week later, his left ear was bleeding- not a lot, but a few dried drops on his lobe when he'd wake up in the morning. So we went to our pediatrician to see if everything was OK  She took a look and said the left ear drum was just taking longer to heal than the right had and she'd recheck in February.
So... When we took Chatham in for his recheck the hole in the left ear drum was still there. We were sent to Carolina ENT to get a hearing test done and to see what options there were to fill the hole. The good news is ZERO hearing loss. In fact he was smack in the middle of NORMAL in both ears! PRAISE GOD! BUT, the bad news was, the hole still needed to be filled and that would require surgery. The process is, cut a small incision in the bottom of his left ear lobe and take a piece of fat/tissue and put it in the hole. The process will "disturb the ear drum" enough that it will try to heal again- this time hopefully latching on to the transplanted fat and closing up.
 Chatham was a little nervous when Dr. Cost told him he would have two or three stitches in his ear- but once he found out stitches are not related to shots he was OK  In fact, he was more concerned that he will have to miss a soccer game on Monday evening.
Looking back at my post from his tubes surgery, I hope to get a picture of his before and after the surgery (in his gown) I was drugged out from getting my wisdom teeth pulled and suffering from TWO dry sockets last time. This time I'm just getting over a sinus and ear infection- so I should be in a better frame of mind.

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