Sunday, March 24, 2013

First Soccer Game of the Season

 We bundled up Saturday morning and headed to the YMCA for Chatham's first soccer game- he's number 6!
Starting the game with a prayer- it was cute to see them play, our team the blue devils, played the tarheels (appropriate since its ACC tournament time) 
 Chatham is a GREAT soccer player- he runs like the wind and really gets in there and stays with the ball. He scored 5 goals Saturday (3 in our goal, and 2 in the other teams). It is much more like a real soccer game this year, the kids know what they're doing.

At halftime Chatham got a pep talk

Grandma and Grandpa Wade; Lisa, Paul, and Lauren; Gram; Nana; and of course Mommy, Daddy and Harper were all there. Chatham had his own cheering section.

 I am so proud of Chatham, he is really growing and becoming a kid. He is really into sports and music. I am going to ask around about starting some piano lessons next year; but for now Poppy is doing a great job teaching him the basics at his house.

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  1. I love watching little boys playing sports. Evan's first year of soccer, he was not aggressive and wouldn't go after the ball, but last year, he found his game. Chatham seems to be a natural! :-)