Thursday, March 28, 2013

The joys of turning 4!

We started March 27th with birthday cake for breakfast- and our annual balloon wreath picture on the porch (even though it was still dark at 6:30 AM)
Uncle Paul surprised Chatham and Lauren at daycare that afternoon and picked them up in the redneck truck!! I tried to get a picture of them (I got there to get Harper as they were leaving) and Chatham wouldn't even give me the time of day...he was TOO COOL riding in the truck. Lucky for me he did let Lisa snap a picture when they got back to their house.

 After running some errands with the Wade's they all headed over to Hickory to meet us for Chatham's birthday dinner- he wanted to go to Backstreet's for corndog nuggets....but when we got there he decided he wanted chicken tenders.
  We got him a cookie cake and our sweet waitress even found some candles in the back to put on it! That earned her a slice of cake! I guess when you turn four you can do things for yourself, because Chatham insisted on cutting his own cake.
We parted ways after dinner and headed home to open presents. Chatham was SO excited!!! I didn't get many pictures because I switched over to video him opening.

 As you can see Spiderman is a BIG deal in our house! His favorite gift was from Harper, Spiderman and Leapin Lizard squirt toys.

 Although the remote control Bumblebee Transformer was a close second!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Evan's birthday twin! Our days looked pretty similar actually! :-)