Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Filling the Hole

 Yesterday at 7:30 AM we made our way to Viewmont Surgery Center to get the hole in Chatham's ear drum filled- things went great. We had a wonderful nurse named Cynthia (and a recovery nurse named Jenna - the same recovery nurse he had in June 2010 when he got tubes!) He did great checking his temp, pulse, and blood pressure. (He didn't take his eyes off the screen watching his oxygen count and pulse go up and down.
Then is was time to put on his hospital gown, and while he was a bit concerned that it looked like a dress he loved striping down to just his undies and socks (that's what he does EVERYDAY at home- this boy does not like clothing!)

 Of course I made us take pictures with him in the pre op room. We were back there for an hour and a half, so we had some time to kill. I didn't remember having to wait that long before so I only brought two books (and you can't use the Ipad back there) but Cynthia saw that Chatham had a Spider man cup and book and undies so she brought him ten super hero sticks- that was great!!! Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and Green Lantern hung out with us until it was time for him to be rolled back (down the short hallway- Chatham was VERY curious about if the hallway would be long or short- and when we saw him in recovery the first thing he told me was that it was short)

 This is Chatham in recovery- after telling us about the short hallway, he mentioned how yucky the cherries were (they anesthesia gas was cherry flavored) he downed some apple juice and seemed to be better. Nurse Jenna raved about how brave he was and that he had no tears! A few more papers to sign and we were on our way. Although, when Jenna turned to Chatham and said "Are you ready to go home?" his reply was "No, I would like to stay". What a character!!!!
And this is the damage- just two little stitches on the bottom of his lobe. We took the bandaid off last night and the bleeding had already stopped. When I checked on his last night before I went to bed he had already rolled over and was sleeping on that ear- So I'd say he is JUST FINE!!

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  1. Awww, so glad everything went well! And what a cutie in his hospital garb...bet the nurses did love him! :-)