Friday, March 15, 2013

piggies, bumblebees, and leprechauns

We had an unexpected sick day on Wednesday- Harper has her first ear infection (and it's a double). On top of that she cut her first molar Tuesday night and was up most of the night shaking and running a fever (102). With the unplanned time on our hands (and Miss H feeling much better with her tooth through) we spent some much needed quality time together.
We started out with finger painting and Bumblebee showed up to play! I have always been a little sad that I am not a SAHM and I don't get to take my kids to play dates and fun activities during the week. So I checked out some online calendars and found out that Music Time at the library is on Wednesdays- YAY! So we got dressed and headed to the library- it was fun, singing, dancing, and a Mother Nature story. Then we stayed and played trucks, did a few puzzles and eventually checked out four new books.

Today the kids are back at school and just in time for their Leprechaun parade! Harper is sporting he FIRST pigtails! I am SO excited! You may or may not know that a MAJOR fear of mine while pregnant was having a bald baby girl!

So, while Harper wasn't as blessed as her brother in the hair department; it is growing quickly and at the ripe old age of 14 months we have our first REAL hair do!
She even had matching green bows on each side. I was very impressed with how still she sat to let me fix her hair. (*note to self, do hair in the high chair- not in your lap!*) 

 She was just as happy as I was about them and walked right over to the garage door with her cup and said "bye bye da da"

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